About Fuelcare

Fuelcare are a private British company that have been improving fuel storage & combustion for over 25 years. We operate predominantly in the United Kingdom & Europe providing fuel preservative treatments, fuel testing services, consultancy, & fuel engineering services. 

"Our goal is to protect & improve fuel quality, irrespective of specification, industry or symptom."


Fuelcare has origins in first hand experiences of dealing with fuel & water quality issues during the 1960's, aboard merchant naval vessels crossing the Atlantic. The poor quality of bunkering fuels and subsequent consequences for the vessel were a significant drain on ship resources. Following the founding of a water treatment company in the 1970's researching & treating microbial contamination of water supplies, the area of contamination in fuel became increasingly important. Fuelcare was thus begun as a subsidiary focusing purely on fuel quality.

Fuelcare Today

Since our foundation in 1989, Fuelcare have grown significantly in size as fuel quality has deteriorated. Our premises now include a modern, dedicated 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse & office headquarters in Shropshire, U.K., dedicated to fuel testing, engineering & treatment warehousing. Our facility is dedicated to fuel excellence; our staff are all members of the Energy Institute & IASH (Stability, Handling & Use of Liquid Fuels), our facilities are audited to the latest quality control systems and our laboratories testing to the latest fuel test methods.

Fuelcare work in partnership with DuPont Microbial Control including acting as a trusted distributor for their products in the energy industry. DuPont Microbial Control is the leading provider of biocide and antimicrobial technologies that control & prevent growth of nuisance and dangerous micro-organisms, as well as help preserve materials including fuel. Fuelcare’s near-20 year partnership with DuPont Microbial Control provides one solution to all microbial fuel protection needs from the world’s finest fuel scientists & engineers.

Focus & Strength

From our first hand experiences in marine fuel bunkering, Fuelcare understand that no matter what the issue or industry, fuel treatment is often time critical. Fuelcare have developed a range of innovative services to provide organisations with fuel treatment & testing at extremely short notice. Fuelcare pride ourselves on working with some of the biggest and trusted names in industry worldwide following from a dedicated focus on quality of end product.

Fuelcare have also begun to develop specialisms including the rail, marine, & offshore sectors where we provide innovative dosing systems for treating and protecting delivered fuel irrespective of local legislation.

Fuelcare can provide a range of fuel quality treatments designed to bring your fuels back to specification. As part of our service we offer a tailored range based on your requirements. Fuelcare can also offer advice on treatment or provide engineering services such as pumping systems and injection systems.