Biodisel inclusion in fleet fuels are key to reducing harmful emissions as well as reducing dependence on fossil fuels. As national and local legislation increased biodiself content in fuel, fleet users should be prepared for their adverse side effects. Fuelcare provide a range of services to our customers to prepare and combat these issues. 

Biodiesel and Side Effects

As Biodiesel becomes ubiquitous in fleet fuels, it's side effects are not well understood. Biodiesel has a wide range of adverse effects that operators should be aware of:

- Poor fuel economy as a result of lower energy content and consequently increased emissions.

- Increased engine deposition & reduced storage shelf life as a result of poor oxidative stability.

- Increased tank slimes and sludges from increased microbial growth and reduced fuel stability.

- Low temperature engine issues as a result of poor thermal stability.

- Reduced lube oil lifespan, incompatibility with elastomers and corrosive effects on engine components such as fuel pumps

Housekeeping Services

Fuelcare offer a range of services designed to prepare fleet users against these side effects:

- Tank audits, staff training & housekeeping advice.

- Tank cleaning, pipework services & filtration advice/fitment.

- Contracted housekeeping services such as dewatering & fuel testing.

- EcoClean™ HSDI Fuel Detergent - a fuel additive specifically designed to combat the main issues of biodiesel blends.

- Kathon™ FP 1.5 Fuel Detergent - a fuel additive designed to treat the issue of microbial growth as water content in biodiesel blends increases.

EcoClean™ HSDI Fuel Detergent & Biodiesel

One of the key issues surrounding biodiesel content in fleet fuels is a loss in fuel economy, caused by poor stability, lower energy content and increased diesel injector deposits.

EcoClean™ HSDI is a liquid fuel detergent designed specifically for biodiesel blends to improve fuel storage & combustion stability, prevent unstable fuel deposits forming in new engines and clean existing deposits from older mid-life engines. By keeping engines ‘like-new’ or in a factory condition, EcoClean™ HSDI ensures consistent performance from the engine, offsets the reduction in fuel economy and protects engine components from the degrading effects of biodiesel.

Furthermore, EcoClean™ HSDI combats the increase in regulated emissions as a result of biodiesel inclusion through advanced engine cleaning technology.