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UK Rail has to date used A2 Gas Oil conforming to BS2869 supplied with a red marker and 0% Biodiesel/FAME. RTFO revisions were passed by HM Government in April 2018 determining the level of FAME sold, in aggregate, by fuel suppliers in the UK. Rail users, previously supplied B0 will now be sold fuels with FAME unless a surcharge is applied. BS2869:A2 and BS EN590 specifications determine a maximum FAME limit of 7% or B7. RTFO legislates UK increases in FAME content to rail fuel users.

FAME is not homogenous as it contains different feedstock varieties (i.e. sewage, cooking oil, palm oil etc), ‘batch to batch’ differences, different storage practices and different production systems. Different biodiesel feedstocks produce different FAME components and different proportions of these components, even between batches of the same feedstock. Their make-up and effects on fuel quality characteristics are unpredictable.

Fuelcare work closely with the rail industry in the UK, providing support to fuel infrastructure & usage. This includes fuel testing, tank audits, tank cleaning and fuel treatment services.

Our products FuelClear M68 & EcoClean HSDI are used throughout the UK rail sector including every diesel commuter train in the South East.

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Fuelcare also provide ancillary services to UK rail companies, including tank cleaning, filtration, fuel polishing & fuel polishing systems, advice & consultancy.

We work with companies including GTR, GWR, Abellio ScotRail, Arriva Trains Wales & TransPennine Express.

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