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Fuelcare Ecoclean™ HSDI - What are PIBSI fuel detergents?

  Polyisobutylene Succinimides (PIBSI) is a fuel additive widely used in the production of fuel detergents. PIBSI fuel detergents come with an extensive range of purposes and...  Read Article


  Fuelcare have changed our trade name for KATHON™ FP 1.5 BIOCIDE to KATHON™  FUEL 15 BIOCIDE.    Please note, this change is effective...  Read Article

What do we know about hydrogen engines and combustion?

  As government initiatives continue to focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fuel experts look towards Hydrogen as a potential source of alternative fuel...  Read Article

What does the IMO Net Zero Target mean for the shipping industry

  The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has recently received requests from the shipping industry UN regulator, The International Chamber of Shipping, for new...  Read Article

Dormant superyachts with spoiled fuel and the benefits of FuelClear™ MB15

  Since the Russian invasion on Ukraine, International sanctions for Russians from the USA, UK and countries in the EU have left superyacht owners unable to gain entry to...  Read Article

Fuelcare to enter DFT Rail funding competition

  Fuelcare is delighted to announce that they will applying for DFT funding, a government innovation for a cost efficient and better run railway. Funded by the Department of...  Read Article