Research & Development

The introduction of Power-to-Liquid and renewable hydrocarbons

  With the ever growing emphasis on how we can continue to grow use of renewable energy across the globe, manufacturers and fuel experts are always looking for new ways to...  Read Article

FuelClear™ MB15 approved under UK & EU Biocide Regulations

  Fuelcare has recently received confirmation from the International Flavours and Fragrances Inc (IFF) that FuelClear™ MB15 biocide is approved under the transitional...  Read Article

Testing Fuel Quality at Data Centres and the Benefits of Fuel Biocide

  The increased use of biodiesel in recent fuelling has come with the added increase in infrastructure testing in modern data centres.  The corrosion in the storage...  Read Article

Ammonia Storage and the Production of Hydrogen

  As we continue to look at alternative fuel and renewable energy options, there is a clear focus on the potential of ammonia storage in the production of...  Read Article

Higher Temperatures and the Impact of Microbial Growth on Fuel Quality

  With climate change and the use of greenhouse gases becoming an ever present concern throughout society, one aspect that is often overlooked is how higher temperatures...  Read Article

Fuelcare Ecoclean™ HSDI - What are PIBSI fuel detergents?

  Polyisobutylene Succinimides (PIBSI) is a fuel additive widely used in the production of fuel detergents. PIBSI fuel detergents come with an extensive range of purposes and...  Read Article