Ammonia Storage and the Production of Hydrogen


As we continue to look at alternative fuel and renewable energy options, there is a clear focus on the potential of ammonia storage in the production of hydrogen. 

Ammonia has always been recognised for several of its properties that make it a valid option in the storage of hydrogen. Easily liquefiable under mild conditions it makes incredibly easy for hydrogen storage and access. 

With storage of hydrogen being a difficult problem for most applications due to the low volumetric density of hydrogen in gas and liquid form, ammonia’s higher density enables commercial applications to look at this as a viable alternative moving forward. 

Whilst having lower energy density compared to hydrocarbons, ammonia is considerably cleaner and offers efficiency as well as a route to net zero emissions. Ammonia storage in the production of hydrogen is key for those marine users aiming to get to net zero. 

As with all alternative fuels there are limitations to consider. The main issue being the health and safety criteria for storing ammonia with any storage facilities requiring approved ventilation systems. It is well documented how dangerous exposure of ammonia is to the atmosphere so any storage facilities will be expensive. 

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