Dormant superyachts with spoiled fuel and the benefits of FuelClear™ MB15


Since the Russian invasion on Ukraine, International sanctions for Russians from the USA, UK and countries in the EU have left superyacht owners unable to gain entry to countries and to access their money abroad. 

As a direct impact, many of the world’s most expensive and luxurious superyachts, some of which cost 10’s of millions, have been abandoned at porting stations in superyacht hotspots like Monaco and Dubai.

A complete juxtaposition to the rise in superyachts following the COVID-19 pandemic, this sudden change has caused a significant shake up in the superyacht industry, especially considering the peak charter season. 

With a large number of superyachts sitting dormant, owners are running the risk of fuel spoilage. The stability and risk of harmful microbial contaminants can increase without proper care and attention.

FuelClear™ MB15 fuel biocide is a high-performance microbiocide which has been developed to combat the problems of micro-bacterial growth and contamination issues across a wide range of fuels. 

FuelClear™ MB15 is designed to inhibit microbial growth upon contact and is effective in systems that contain both fuel and water, as the active ingredient is not deactivated by water. 

In cases where a superyacht has been sat unused for some time, FuelClear™ MB15 helps to prevent filters from binding, and allows clean fuel to flow normally

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