EcoClean™ HSDI helps ScotRail save 3.6 million kg of CO2e across diesel fleet


EcoClean™ HSDI is now being used across ScotRail’s diesel fleet in an effort to improve engine efficiency, reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions by as much as 3,676,383.78 kg per year. The decision by ScotRail follows similar successful EcoClean roll-outs by Govia Thameslink and South Western Railway. The fuel additive, which returns engines to ‘like-new’ conditions, is being administered at depots through an IoT (Internet of Things) dosing system created by Fuelcare allowing remote monitoring and control.

A trial of EcoClean™ HSDI commissioned by ScotRail showed outstanding real-world benefits in using the fuel additive in their traction engines. Conducted at world-leading, independent research facility Millbrook Leyland, the results showed that by using EcoClean™ HSDI, ScotRail’s diesel fleet would benefit from a 3.06% reduction in energy usage. This equates to emissions savings of 3,631,604.78 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), 3,759.36 kg of methane (CH4) and 41,019.64 kg of Nitrous Oxide (N2O).

Commenting of the results of the EcoClean™ HSDI trial Damian Keaveny, Head of Environment from ScotRail said, “The results of the EcoClean trial were clear. By using this additive in our fuel we can continue to reduce carbon emissions while making use of our diesel fleet.”

Keaveny added, “Diesel trains remain central to our service and whilst we work towards decarbonisation, it is essential they remain as clean and efficient as possible. Fuelcare’s electronic EcoClean dosing system put into action this May, represents one part of the many-branched approach we are using to balance the needs of our customers, our organisation and our commitment to improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gases.”

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