Fuel biocide and automated injection system for Superyachts


As we see tighter fuel usage and production restrictions across Europe, engine manufacturers are focusing on reducing carbon emissions generated by their marine equipment.

Whilst reviewing the architecture and structure of the machine engines, another area of development has looked at the implementation of fuel additives and additive injection systems which help reduce pollutants through the use of marine fuel biocides.

In 2014, Fuelcare produced the world’s first biocide injection system which could be used on large marine vessels such as superyachts. The 'Fuelcare Marine Bunker Injection System' works by injection fuel additives with a precise and consistent stream of marine biocide which is responsible for preventing and curing common microbial problems in bunker fuel. 

With continued success, Fuelcare’s Marine Bunker Injection System is still available  for purchase across the UK and Europe.  Combined with the biocide injection system, Fuelcare’s latest product re1ease, FuelClear™ DX8 is a superyacht fuel additive specially formulated to improve fuel systems in handling, storage and combustion in marine vessels.

Fuelcare continues to produce a specialised range of treatments and solutions across the Marine industry focused on the reduction of emissions, creating cleaner engines and enhancing fuel performance.  

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