Fuelcare - Decarbonising the Emissions of Superyachts


As we continue to face travel restrictions as part of the on-going global pandemic, keen travellers are exploring new methods to get away on holiday. 

The luxury travel industry has seen huge growth in the interest of superyacht holidays and in 2021 there was an estimated £5 billion in the sales of superyachts across the world. 

With the ever conscious concerns around global warming, the rise in superyacht sales has undoubtedly gathered attention due to the huge volumes of harmful emissions that they produce. 

What is a superyacht?

Superyacht’s are large and luxurious marine vessels owned exclusively by a low percentage of the world’s wealthiest boating and holiday enthusiasts. 

Although not specifically defined criteria, a ‘superyacht’ is any yacht that is over 24 metres in length, 80 metres in height and over 5 tonnes in weight. 

The average cost to own and maintain a superyacht is over £2million, most of which is attributed to maintenance and the high amounts of fuelling required to run the large luxury cruisers.  

Whilst most modern superyachts will often come with built-in environmentally friendly features, the high amount of pollutants outweigh these tenfold. A single superyacht will typically produce the same carbon emissions as more than 1000 modern day cars.

Fuelcare DX8 - Superyacht fuel additive!

FuelClear™ DX8 is a Superyacht fuel additive formulated to improve CO₂ emissions output from the combustion of marine diesel fuels. 

Having been part of the marine industry for over 30 years specialising in fuel quality and engineering, FuelClear™ DX8 is the latest product designed to reduce CO₂ emissions amongst large shipping vessels. 

FuelClear™ DX8 improves fuel lubricity, protects against corrosion and improves fuel economy in superyachts.

Application of FuelClear™ DX8 in superyachts

FuelClear™ DX8 can be dosed manually directly into the storage tanks but can equally be applied using an additive injection system to dose inline such the FuelClear™ Additive Injection System 

The benefits of using an additive injection systems include less fuel quality issues, zero wastage due to the high precise dosing measures and zero exposure to chemicals during application.  

The fuel additive product can equally be used in mid-size marine application such as fishing trawlers, offshore supply vessels and ferries offering the same fuel efficiency properties improving oxidation, protection against corrosion and allowing for extended storage time of fuel.

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