Fuelcare to enter DFT Rail funding competition


Fuelcare is delighted to announce that they will applying for DFT funding, a government innovation for a cost efficient and better run railway.

Funded by the Department of Transport (DfT), the competition aims to deliver innovation in the UK rail industry by encouraging and incorporating readily available fuel technologies. Greener railways and lower carbon emissions along with increased fuel efficiency are two of the key objectives.  

Fuelcare will be submitting an application which features a bespoke multifunction fuel additive for clean and efficient rail traction.

The liquid antifoulant fuel additive bring HSDI engines back to ‘like-new’ performance. Ensuring an engine is kept clean will always allow it to work to optimal design enhancing fuel economy, emissions, power and acceleration. This fuel additive is not exclusive to the Rail industry but is a strong candidate for the government competition.

Key benefits of Fuelcare’s new rail fuel additive include:

  • Preventing fuel filter, pump blocking and injector sticking
  • Improving engine power output and fuel economy by 3-5%
  • Reducing regulated carbon emissions, fuel line corrosion and engine noise.
  • Lowering cloud and pour points.
  • Preventing microbial growth.

In addition to this, the product components are low risk and are already extensively used in fuel therefore can be safely introduced to UK rail.

With over 30 years of additive dosing, Fuelcare is one of the only entities that actively develop and distribute rail fuel additives across the world. 

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