Fuelcare’s new Aviation Injection System set to be released in 2022.


Following the acknowledgement in 2021’s Energy Institute (1566) Publication, Fuelcare can announce the anticipated release of its latest Aviation product, a brand new Aviation injection system. 

The aviation injection system has been specially designed to enable aircraft owners, engineers and operators to inject biocide into jet fuel during underwing pressure refuelling and also during aircraft maintenance. 

Manufactured by Fuelcare, the new aviation injection system will use electronic systems which will give the added benefit of enabling biocide dosing at a higher accuracy than ever before.

Currently, the aviation injection system is still in development however, Fuelcare have planned to release the finished product by the Easter of 2022, following final testing. 

Fuelcare will continue to work and collaborate with global industry bodies on the development and testing of fuel application processes across the energy engineering sector.

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