High Performance Fuel Additives and decarbonisation in the Rail Industry


Over the past three decades Fuelcare has worked closely with experts across the UK rail industry advising on fuel quality optimisation, fuel testing and the latest fuel technology.

With a wide range of specialist solutions, Fuelcare’s product range includes low and high volume biocides, fuel test kits, fuel detergents and fuel additive injection systems. 

A feature product amongst Fuelcare’s Rail division is FuelClear™ MB15, a fuel additive designed to improve fuel efficiency and common operational problems in diesel, biodiesel, petrol, gas oil and kerosene. 

Used heavily across the rail industry, the fuel additive will kill off bacterial and fungal contamination, assisting in the breakdown of slimes and coagulated biological sludges. This will help to prevent filters from blinding and allow clean fuel to flow normally. 

FuelClear™ MB15 is effective in systems containing both fuel and water and unlike other fuel treatment biocides, the active ingredients in FuelClear™ MB15 are not deactivated by water. Within the rail industry the product is used widely by Govia Thameslink, Great Western Railway, London West Midland Railway, ScotRail amongst many others.

Treatment with a fuel biocide such as FuelClear™ MB15 is recognised as the most effective way of dealing with microbial fuel contamination especially in large commercial units as seen on railways. 

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