Introducing FuelClear™ DX8, superyacht fuel additive.


Fuelcare is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new fuel additive product, FuelClear™ DX8.

The latest introduction to Fuelcare’s Marine additives collection, FuelClear™ DX8 is a high performance fuel biocide designed specifically for use in superyachts and large marine vessels exclusively. 

Fuel additives are one of the only ways of using existing diesel engines whilst maintaining a cleaner engine and cleaner propolstion (5-10% reduction) which equally produces less CO₂, Methane and Hydrocarbons. 

As we approach the superyacht refit season, FuelClear™ DX8 is now available to yacht owners who can utilise the brand new fuel additive whilst modernising their vessels.

Other benefits of Fuelcare’s 2021 release include:

  • Improved handling of fuel during combustion. 
  • Extended fuel storage period.
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Improved fuel lubricity 

FuelClear™ DX8 has received verification by Lloyd’s Register Product Verification Service:

  • Oxidation Stability according to (ISO12205)
  • Thermal Stability according to (ASTMD6468)
  • Injector Fouling according to (CECF-23-01PeugeotXUD9)
  • Steel Corrosion according to (ASTMD665A&B)
  • Fuel Lubricity according to HFRR (ISO12156)
  • Filter Blocking Tendency according to (IP387)

FuelClear DX8


For more information about FuelClear™ DX8 or to contact Fuelcare directly  regarding commercial shipping enquiries click here.