New EU Standards to Decrease Carbon Emissions on the Roads


The EU Sharing Regulation(ESR) has recently proposed new legislation aimed at reducing Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions amongst road transport fuels.

With increasing renewable targets set for 2030, the EU commission has toughened rules inline with the Emission Trading Systems (ETS) which will see renewable and biofuels benefit from tax breaks up to 10 years whilst use of traditional fossil fuels will see taxes increased in an effort to cut CO2 emissions. 

The overall goal is to encourage the use of biofuels in all forms of transport to decrease carbon emissions as we look towards a future of 100% zero emission vehicles on the road. 

Higher renewable targets are great news for Fuelcare as the new legislation encourages the removal of limitations which had previously prevented biofuels being counted at twice their energy content.  This will increase the need for fuel biocides such as FuelClear AV15 and additive injection systems which will contribute to sustainable high volume refueling operations. 

For more information on the EU Effort Sharing Regulation click here.