The Benefits of Ecoclean™ HSDI For Rail Users as Fuel Prices Rise


As we see the top oil producing countries struggle to keep up with the demand for oil, domestic and commercial fuel prices across the globe have reached a record high as the cost per litre appears to rise on a daily basis.

Despite the cost of oil being low, fuel prices have been consistently increasing since early 2021.

The post COVID-19 pandemic economy along with the more recently Russian invasion of Ukraine has only heightened the matter with a conscious anxiety around global availability, with Russia contributing so much to the world’s fuel supply. 

As fuel prices continue to peak, the rail industry needs to consider the best approach for improved fuel economy and how to maximise fuel costs, consumption and stability. 

One of the leading products from Fulcare across the commercial Rail and Bus industries is EcoClean™ HSDI, the world’s most powerful fuel detergent. 

EcoClean™ HSDI preserves and improves fuel quality by stabilising fuel solubility without impacting combustion efficiency. This not only contributes to a clean combustion engine but also reduces carbon emissions by up to 45%.

Applied through additive injection systems EcoClean™ HSDI, contributes to all modern day engines and fuels by enhancing fuel output, maintaining fuel stability and preventing fuel blocking, all managed through clean engine cycle. 

A highly compatible and flexible product, EcoClean™ HSDI is used throughout the UK rail sector including every diesel commuter train in the South East.

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