The importance of Fuel sampling in the Fuel industry


For over 30 years Fuelcare has focused on improving fuel storage and combustion, providing fuel preservative treatments, fuel testing services, consultancy and fuel engineering services. 

Fuel sampling is an essential service consisting of varied and comprehensive methods that enable industry experts to advise on the best practice for the use and manufacturing of fuel and fuel additive products. 

As a company sampling to the ISO3170 standard, Fuelcare offers industry approved fuel sampling services across the UK, Europe and United States. Fuelcare’s fuel sampling expertise is not limited to any specific fuel industry and is used across Marine, Aviation, Offshore and Rail

Typically considered more complex than other fuel services, fuel sampling procedures require a number of time consuming and scientific techniques in order to achieve a high standard of fuel analysis which can be shared throughout the industry.

With government targets to reduce carbon emissions taking effect globally, the fuel industry is increasingly moving closer to fuel sustainability and methods to optimise fuel combustion. Fuel sampling plays a critical role in the testing and release of new fuel products, manufacturing methods and fuel maintenance.

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