Uptake of superyachts help boost FuelClear™ DX8


Following the recent easing of pandemic travel restrictions, the marine and boating industry has seen a soaring popularity in the sales of superyachts as wealthy owners look to finally get away on holiday. 

The demand for superyachts comes at a convenient time with the introduction of marine dosing systems which first became available in 2015. 

The relatively new dosing systems enable the application of  fuel additives and biofuels such as FuelClear™ DX8 to be applied simply and at a high dosage.

FuelClear™ DX8 is the latest superyacht fuel additive released by Fuelcare as part of its Marine product range 

Oliver Rumford-Warr, Managing Director of Fuelcare has been heavily involved in the design, production and release of the brand new Marine fuel additive, he commented:

“DX8 is a revolutionary fuel additive with over 10 years testing in the marine industry. It is an immediately available solution to reducing harmful emissions from Superyachts whilst the industry transitions to newer energy sources. DX8 is a detergent additive designed to keep existing engines clean, or clean up fouled ones using the latest PIBSI active technology.”

As the popularity of superyachts continues to rise, we can only hope that owners look to products such as DX8 to not improve the quality of their fuel but equally contribute to the reduction of CO² emissions by such large vessels. 

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