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Dormant superyachts with spoiled fuel and the benefits of FuelClear™ MB15

  Since the Russian invasion on Ukraine, International sanctions for Russians from the USA, UK and countries in the EU have left superyacht owners unable to gain entry to...  Read Article

Fuelcare to enter DFT Rail funding competition

  Fuelcare is delighted to announce that they will applying for DFT funding, a government innovation for a cost efficient and better run railway. Funded by the Department of...  Read Article

The Benefits of Ecoclean™ HSDI For Rail Users as Fuel Prices Rise

  As we see the top oil producing countries struggle to keep up with the demand for oil, domestic and commercial fuel prices across the globe have reached a record high as...  Read Article

The Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel and What This Means For Our Future

  Hydrogen energy is an alternative fuel that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electrical energy and water using an electrochemical process.  As the production...  Read Article

The importance of Fuel sampling in the Fuel industry

  For over 30 years Fuelcare has focused on improving fuel storage and combustion, providing fuel preservative treatments, fuel testing services, consultancy and fuel...  Read Article

HVO, is it sustainable?

  Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is widely used across the world as an alternative to fossil fuels.  With industry experts predicting use to increase to up to double within...  Read Article