Research & Development

Fuelcare - Decarbonising the Emissions of Superyachts

  As we continue to face travel restrictions as part of the on-going global pandemic, keen travellers are exploring new methods to get away on holiday.  The luxury...  Read Article

Supporting the UK Rail industry with FuelClear MB15 and automated systems

  Fuelcare has worked closely with the UK rail industry for over 10 years providing support in fuel infrastructure with fuel testing, tank audits, tank cleaning and fuel...  Read Article

Fuel biocide and automated injection system for Superyachts

  As we see tighter fuel usage and production restrictions across Europe, engine manufacturers are focusing on reducing carbon emissions generated by their marine...  Read Article

How synthetic fuels offer a path to fuel sustainability

  With climate change a constant presence across the Energy industry, the rise of synthetic fuels has become a promising alternative to reduce carbon in modern...  Read Article

HVO - a ‘short term’ fuel alternative  

  Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (HVO’s) are often considered as an alternative fuel that is readily available as a “sustainable” fuel that offers a...  Read Article

Uptake of superyachts help boost FuelClear™ DX8

  Following the recent easing of pandemic travel restrictions, the marine and boating industry has seen a soaring popularity in the sales of superyachts as wealthy owners...  Read Article