Research & Development

Preventing unsustainable agriculture by using synthetic fuels

  A recent change to the EU’s climate change legislation stipulates new rules which will directly impact the production of biofuels.  The announcement includes a...  Read Article

Fuelcare’s new Aviation Injection System set to be released in 2022.

  Following the acknowledgement in 2021’s Energy Institute (1566) Publication, Fuelcare can announce the anticipated release of its latest Aviation product, a brand new...  Read Article

Introducing FuelClear™ DX8, superyacht fuel additive.

  Fuelcare is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new fuel additive product, FuelClear™ DX8. The latest introduction to Fuelcare’s Marine additives...  Read Article

Fuelcare featured in Rail Technology Magazine

  Decarbonisation and diesel - "Cleaner Enginers, Cleaner Air" Written by Fuelcare Managing Director, Oliver Rumford-Warr, this feature...  Read Article

The Biofuel Additive Market and Expected Growth

  Increasing concerns around fuel sustainability, availability, fuel quality and the impact on the environment are all contributing factors to the increased demand for...  Read Article

Benefits of Biofuel and a Sustainable Environment

  Biofuels are natural based fuels made from renewable sources in plants which produce lower carbon emissions and create a more sustainable environment than use of...  Read Article