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New EU Standards to Decrease Carbon Emissions on the Roads

  The EU Sharing Regulation(ESR) has recently proposed new legislation aimed at reducing Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions amongst road transport fuels. With increasing...  Read Article

The Expected Global Rise of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

  As global warming becomes a more familiar and concerning reality in day to day life, the introduction of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) is encouraging governments...  Read Article

Fuelcare MD named in the latest Energy Institute (1566) publication.

  The publication (EI Standard 1566), released earlier this week details information around the injection of biocide into jet fuel during underwing pressure refuelling for...  Read Article

How Brexit has impacted biocides regulations in the UK

  From 31st December 2020, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is officially no longer part of the European Union. With this comes new rules and...  Read Article

What is E10? Government changes to petrol fuel specifications

  From September 2021, the UK government will be implementing new standardisation rules to petrol with the introduction of E10 across the country. E10 is a biofuel that...  Read Article

EcoClean™ HSDI helps ScotRail save 3.6 million kg of CO2e across diesel fleet

  EcoClean™ HSDI is now being used across ScotRail’s diesel fleet in an effort to improve engine efficiency, reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions...  Read Article